Naris Cavi 3S PRO

Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリスキャビ3Sプロ)


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Patent Pending! Equipped with 3DABE Wave System!
Manufacturer   Miyako Chemical Co., Ltd., has applied for a patent.

Naris Cavi 3S PRO(ナリスキャビ3Sプロ)3DAVE wave systemとは

What is 3DABE Wave System?

It is our own unique technology that uses a mix of 3 different depths of EMS current, high, medium & low frequency, enabling treatment from 2 cm below the skin to deep inner muscles.

Moreover, it provides a comfortable treatment as the tingling sensation distinct to EMS has also been further reduced.
3DABE wave system technology is installed in all of O-shaped probes, 3S pro gloves, and 3S pro pads.

※An abbreviation for “Discharge Alternating current Blend EMS”

Many Popular Salon Menus become Possible with Just This One Machine!

Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)多彩の人気エステメニューが作れます
Stomach Slimming Menu
Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)多彩の人気エステメニューが作れます
Butt Lift Menu

Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)多彩の人気エステメニューが作れます
Back / Shoulder Stiffness Relief
Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)多彩の人気エステメニューが作れます
Leg Slimming Menu
Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)多彩の人気エステメニューが作れます
Upper Arm Lift Menu

Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)多彩の人気エステメニューが作れます
Breasts Lift Menu
Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)多彩の人気エステメニューが作れます
Beauty Point / Drainage Menu
Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)多彩の人気エステメニューが作れます
EP Beauty Essence Penetration Menu
Fascia Release Menu

Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)多彩の人気エステメニューが作れます
Shoulder Relaxation Menu

Watch the Naris Cavi 3S PRO Introduction and the Actual Treatment Video!

Functions of Naris Cavi 3S PRO

Cavitation + Ultrasonic Wave

The O-shaped probes simultaneously oscillate ultrasonic waves and cavitation that work on fat.
It can treat both subcutaneous fat and cellulite in deep parts of the skin, as 1.5MHz ultrasonic waves stimulate the shallow parts and 38KHz cavitation stimulates the deeper parts.

3DABE wave system

The O-shaped probes oscillate EMS equipped with 3DABE wave system function. It switches to 5 different modes every 15 seconds to stimulate various muscle movements. 
Together with ultrasonic wave and cavitation, all 3 functions can be used at the same time.

The O-shaped probes stimulate fat and muscles at the same time, and cause “aerobic activities”!!

①Ultrasonic waves stimulate the fat on the surface, ② cavitation stimulates the fat in deep layer, and ③ 3DABE wave system stimulates muscles from shallow to deep layers by simultaneously generating three different depths of EMS current, high, medium and low frequencies. Together they create the state of “aerobic exercises” which burns fat.

How Do We Lose Weight with “Aerobic Exercises”

Aerobic exercise, which is caused by exercise such as marathon, is the most effective way to burn fat.
Specifically, aerobic exercise is a state in which ① the fat stored in the fat cells flows into the blood vessels, and ② the fat is then taken into the muscles from the blood vessels and burnt by the muscles.

Original Technology! Body Functions of 3S Pro Gloves and 3S Pro Pads!!

Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)バストアップ、肩、デコルテケア

Breasts Lift, Shoulders and Decollete Care

Giving treatment to the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor muscles using Drainage Mode to strengthen the muscles and lift the breasts up.
Also, using both Beauty Point Mode and Drainage Mode to loosen up the stiffness of decollete, shoulders and upper arms and tighten up the skin.

Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)筋膜ケア

Fascia Release

The special EMS is oscillated from the 3S pro gloves, so just give acupressure massage to the fascia of the area you want to treat with the gloves, and the special EMS will relieve the fascia well. The treatment is easy and does not require a lot of force.

Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)3Sプロパッドケア

3S Pro Pads Treatment 

Five programs developed for massage treatments comfortably relieve stiffness.
It is recommended for loosening stiff shoulders and neck.
Hand massage treatments on the face and other kinds of treatments can be done at the same time during the 3S Pro Pad treatment.

Original technology! 3S Pro Gloves Face Functions!!

Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)美点モード

Beauty Point Mode

There are more than 60 acupoints on the face. The beauty point mode is an original EMS that combines two types of frequencies, high and low, which is ideal for acupressure massage. It gives the feeling of being pressed deep into the skin. It can loosen up the stiffness and slim down the face by applying it along the acupoints of the face,neck and fascia.

Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)ドレナージュモード

Drainage Mode

There are more than 30 muscles on the face. The drainage mode is a uniquely developed EMS that combines two types of frequencies, medium and low, which is ideal for fascia treatment. It gives the feeling of the muscles being vibrated, and massaged finely.
The entire face can be lifted up by touching with the entire palm along the muscles and lymph of the face and neck.

Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)EP導入モード

EP Penetration Mode

Unique Technology Gloves Equipped with Electroporation Function
The beauty ingredients of the face mask can be implanted deep into the skin.
It has tens of times greater penetration effect than the conventional iontophoresis, and it is even possible to implant components such as hyaluronic acid and collagen, which have large molecules that cannot be done with the usual iontophoresis.

Easy to Operate even for Beginners!!

Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)異業種の方でも使いやすい痩身マシンです

Easy Operation with LCD Touch Panel

You can easily operate the treatment parts and power adjustment with LCD touch panel.

Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)異業種の方でも使いやすい痩身マシンです

Even beginners can easily perform treatments!!

The effectiveness of treatment may often be affected by the practitioner’s technique. However, with Naris Cavi 3S PRO, even beginners and people from different industries can give effective treatment as it stimulates well to the deep part of skin just by placing it on the part you want to slim down or lift up.

Body Probes 3S Pro Gloves
Features of 3S Pro Pads

Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)施術者の手や腕が疲れにくい設計

Hands are Less Likely to Get Tired

It fits well on your hand and is easy to give treatments, so your hands and arms are less likely to get tired even after using it for a long time.

Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)Wプローブ

Two Probes Can Treat Large Areas

Two large probes with a diameter of 6cm can give effective treatment to even large areas such as the abdomen and thighs in a short time.

Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)安全・丈夫な 99.6%  純チタン素材使用

Safe and Durable 99.6% Pure Titanium Material Used

99.6% pure titanium is a durable metal that does not rust even after 100 years, and is the safest metal that is the least likely to cause metal allergies.

*JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) Class 1 defines titanium of more than 99.6% purity as pure titanium.

Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)導電性特殊ブローブにより筋膜ケア&ツボ指圧が可能

Using the 3S Pro Gloves (Special Conductive Gloves), it is possible to give Fascia Release & Acupressure Massage treatment

You can choose either the high or low frequency mode which is ideal for fascia release and gives muscles fine vibration,
or the medium and low frequency mode which is ideal for acupressure massage and gives the feeling of being pressed deep into the skin to relieve stiffness.

Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)エレクトロポーション

Using the 3S Pro Gloves (Special Conductive Gloves), it is possible to do Electroporation Penetration treatment

EP (electroporation) penetration can be performed with the entire gloves surface, so use the appropriate beauty essence depending on each purpose, and just
apply the 3S Pro Gloves on the area you want to treat.

Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)3Sプロパッド

Using the 3S Pro Pad, you can do treatment without even using your hands

5 types of mode, combining high, medium, and low frequencies, approaches various kinds of muscles, so it is ideal for body care treatment such as 3S pro pad care, fascia release, and breasts lift.

Examples of Naris Cavi 3S PRO Treatment Menus 

Reference prices
5,000 to 8,000 yen 
for each part

Simulation of Income and Expenditure
【Sales per Month (20 operating days)   Average unit price: 16,000 yen (2 parts) 】

 (Breakdown)Number of customers given treatment per day: 5 people x 20 days = 100 people

■Average unit price per customer: 16,000 yen (2 parts)  x 100 people = 160Million Yen

Equipped with Functions of Multiple Devices in One Unit!

*Naris Cavi 3S PRO is equipped with the following functions (written in red).
Prices are listed with reference to other companies’ products.

Speedy Support Service!

We provide maintenance support in English and Chinese as well. We will respond quickly when there is a problem with the machine. We will do our best to provide you with the most suitable solution.
Please feel free to contact us at

Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)は自社製品なのでスピーディにメンテナンスの対応をします

Features of Beauty Essence Products for Naris Cavi 3S PRO

Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)専用ボディジェル
Synergistic Effect with Special Body Gel
(Trademark registration, and NMPA (formerly CFDA) permission obtained)

A body gel especially developed for beauty devices that works on cellulite, fat cells, and muscle exercise! Giving treatment using this body gel that is effective for slimming, a synergistic effect is produced and the slimming effect is further enhanced. The body gel spreads well, penetrates well and does not get dry.

Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)専用フェイスジェル
Synergistic Effect with Special Face Gel
(Trademark registration, and NMPA (formerly CFDA) permission obtained)

A face gel cream for beauty devices that contains water-soluble proteoglycan, apple fruit culture cell extract, sparassis crispa extract, and hydrolyzed collagen, etc. to give the skin the necessary moisture and firmness. It also contains active ingredients to bring out the beauty the skin originally has.

Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)用エレクトロポーション導入美容液
Beauty Essence for Electroporation Penetration

A beauty essence especially developed for electroporation treatment to achieve immediate effect in a short time.
The undiluted beauty essence, such as placenta, high-concentration vitamin C, arbutin and collagen, are implanted into the skin using the special conductive probes, in order to reduce sagging, wrinkles, blemishes and acnes.

Specifications of Naris Cavi 3S PRO

Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)仕様

Naris Cavi 3S PRO

■Rated Input PowerDC 24V
■Maximum Power Consumption78W
■Maximum Current Consumption3.25A
■Main Unit SizeW260mm×D350mm×H130mm
■Main Unit Weight6.2kg  (including accessories)
Naris Cavi  3S PRO(ナリス キャビ3Sプロ)オプション専用台

Optional Accessory (Sold Separately)

Naris Cavi 3S PRO
Machine Stand

A stand especially designed to place the Naris Cavi 3S PRO main unit


◆ 1-Year Worry-Free Warranty  ◆
Maintenance will be provided free of charge for 1 year after date of purchase.

Safety Precautions [Please read the instruction manual carefully before use and use the product correctly] The product should not be used for people with the following medical conditions or the following body parts.
●Heart disease ●Acute illness ●Communicable diseases ●Malignant tumors ●Anemia ●Febrile illness ●Abnormal blood-pressure ●Epilepsy ●Pregnant women ●Skin abnormalities ●Feeling of abnormalities in the body ●Any other problems on skin or body, and in the severe stage of any other disease

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between ultrasonic wave and cavitation?

Most of ultrasonic beauty equipments use frequencies ranging from 1 to 3 MHz, but our ultrasonic equipment for body care such as cavitation uses a frequency of 18 to 40 KHz.
As it can reach the deeper fat layer, it is used for slimming care.
※Do not use cavitation on face.

Q. Is there any side effect?

You may hear a high-pitched sound through bone conduction during the cavitation treatment, but it is known to have no effect on the body.

Q. Is there anything to be noted before and after the treatment by Naris Cavi 3S PRO machine?

Please refrain from eating within 2 hours before and after the treatment, as food is more easily absorbed into the body. Only drink clear fluids such as water and tea.
After the treatment, the liver and internal organs are strained to excrete fat cells.
Too much eating and drinking puts even more strain and excretion cannot be performed smoothly, so, we recommend you not to overeat or overdrink. (The fat absorption rate is very high after treatment since fat is being burned and discharged by cavitation and muscle movements stimulated by EMS.
So, try to avoid eating after treatment.)
Drink plenty of fluids before and after treatment to drain excess fat and waste out.

Q.Does it hurt?

You may hear a high-pitched sound through bone conduction, but it does not hurt.
Some may feel muscles twitching during muscle movement by EMS, but the probes are warm and it should be comfortable.

Q. Is it safe?

It is totally safe as ultrasonic waves and EMS are also used for treatment purposes in the medical field.
*There may be rare occasions when redness or small spots appear on the skin due to friction etc., but the symptoms will go away on their own.

Q.  How long does it take to see the effects?

It varies depending on the body part and the amount of fat, but some can feel the effect just in one treatment.
Basically, it is recommended to give treatment twice a week for the first 1 to 2 months, and then once a week for the next 3 to 4 months.

See a List of FAQs about Naris Cavi 3S PRO Machine


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